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About Us

The story started a year ago when my son turned 18 months. Usually, when kids turn 18 months of age they learn to undress themselves and they tend to use their newly learned skills to entertain themselves and to show off their abilities. This is cute but can be very frustrating for parents and sometimes can be very messy. Anyone who has small kids knows what I am talking about.

I searched every store possible for a romper with a back zipper with no luck. I found a couple of pajamas, but to be honest, they were not that cute to wear during the day. I checked online blogs and my last straw was when I read on an online chat that moms are actually using safety pins to hold zippers closed just under the babies and kids necks and even worse suggesting to tape your toddler's diaper on with the duct tape . This was the moment when I decided that there has to be a better way. Now there is.

With our rompers with a back zipper, there is no need to watch over your toddler like a hawk or to use safety pins to hold the zipper closed. My son is two years old now, he is still wearing these rompers with a back zipper, and I hope that with this invention I will be able to help other moms out there and to save some babies and toddlers from being poked by safety pins.

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