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No More Unwanted Undressing

When my son turned 18 months old last year, he figured out how to undress himself and this is how everything started. We tried everything to prevent him from undressing but nothing really worked. It was cute at the beginning but can be very messy. Anyone who has kids knows what I am talking about.

I searched every store possible for a romper with a back zipper with no luck. I found a couple of pajamas, but to be honest, they were not that cute to wear during the day. I was committed to it but the only thing I found was an unknown number of moms on chat rooms giving advice to other moms on how to prevent their toddlers from unwanted undressing. The top two suggestions were to tape your toddler's diaper with duct tape on, or to use safety pins just under your toddler's neck on the zipper of the romper to keep them from undressing themselves. This was shocking to me and I was thinking that there has to be a better way. This was the moment when I decided that there has to be a better way. Now there is. With our rompers with a back zipper, there is no need to watch over your baby or toddler like a hawk or to use safety pins or duct tape to keep their clothes on.

At first, I made a couple of prototypes that I sewed by myself. I tested them on my own child and the idea came to me to mass produce this romper and help other moms with the same issues. It took me a year to perfect the sizing just because I didn't  have any background in the textile industry. During this time I have done some research about the market for this romper and I have discovered that similar rompers are made for disabled kids and adults but they did not look like anything that I would buy for my own child. This made me figure out that these rompers could be used for disabled kids, autistic kids and kids with sensory issues that don't like to keep their clothes on. 

My son is two years old now, he is still wearing these rompers with a back zipper, and I hope that with this invention I will be able to help other moms out there.

Please leave your comment below and let me know what is your experience with the same issue and how you have managed this problem by now.

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