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7 Time Saving Tips Even With A Messy Toddler

Welcome to toddlerhood, the most magical time that you will spend with your little one. This is the time when your little cute baby suddenly becomes a little person with their own opinions and ways that they like things done. You want them to grow and reach all the milestones but you do not want everything to become so hard. Some days will be better than others, but with a couple of tricks, your life will become much easier.


  1. The First and most important hack is that everyone gets enough sleep during the nights including the kids. This will help significantly with everyone being in a better mood and help tremendously speed things up in the morning. Also, toddlers that get enough sleep will be much more compliant during dressing and breakfast time. Bath time in the evening will help kids fall asleep much faster and leave you with some time for yourself.


  1. Prepare lunches before you go to bed, this will save a large amount of time in the morning, and you have some time to have a more relaxed breakfast. You will find great recipes and very useful ideas for toddler’s lunches and snacks on Pinterest.


  1. Always prepare clothes the night before for everyone and if it gets rainy or colder in the morning it is much easier to just grab rain boots and a jacket on the way out. If you do not want to dress your toddler a couple times in the morning make sure that they are wearing something that is not easily removable. One-piece rompers are the best for toddlers just because toddlers enjoy taking off their pants and removing their diapers any chance they get and this could slow you down tremendously. You can check out our store Terrible 2’s Solutions that specialize in stylish rompers specially designed with busy moms in mind.


  1. Always have wet wipes handy. Place them in every room that your toddler hangs out in (kitchen, living room, bathrooms, kids bedrooms) and in the car and this will save you time tremendously.


  1. Expect irrationally. You are dealing with a toddler. Always leave extra time for unexpected tantrums or small accidents. Some days they will cry just because you cut their bananas and another day because they wanted to pour their own milk.


  1. Establish a schedule that you will follow and stick to it. Toddlers love to follow a routine, watch the same movie over and over again, listen to the same song hundreds of times.


  1. Remain calm. Kids can sense if you are stressed, they became anxious themselves and more sensitive and sadly the smallest problem turns into a disaster. Remember you are in charge but do not forget tight hugs, gratitude, and kisses because one day you will look at your grownup kids and miss this moment. The most important thing to remember is, that it does not matter how bad it gets, you got this.


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