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Toddler Fitted Sheets with Ties

For all you moms out there this is probably not anything new but let me explain myself. At first, I did not mind that my son loved to demolish his room, until he started playing with his mattress. The worst thing is that he would take his mattress off of the bed and walk over the metal springs and then he would get stuck in between them. One day I saw bruises on his legs but I never knew before this moment that when he gets stuck in between these metal springs that he actually bruises his legs. I told his dad that he is getting stuck in his crib and his dad told me that we need to tie his mattress to the bed. For me that sounded very dangerous so I decided to figure it out on my own.

And this is how this idea was born-- from necessity. Once I had made my first prototype of the sheets with the ties I tested it and it was a success. After my first sample, I decided to patent my idea as a new product that will help more moms out there and prevent injuries to babies and toddlers. So far, we have three patterns and all of the sheets are designed with 12 ties that get tied around the metal frame on the bottom of the crib.

The purpose of these sheets is to keep the mattress secured on the crib and to keep the sheet secured on the mattress. Besides being great for toddlers these sheets are also added safety for newborns and infants. The main cause of SIDS is having babies get tangled inside of sheets and with these sheets being tied underneath the crib the mattress stays secured in place and the sheets stay secured around the mattress.

Please leave your comment below and let me know what is your experience with the same issue and how you have managed this problem by now.

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